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Nawoo History

There are precious values that are invisible to the world.
The value of enjoying a safe life is due to the constant
efforts of those responsible for safety.

2013 – Awarded the Good Taxpayer (Ministry of Strategy and Finance)
– Established jik-dong 2factory and Lab.
– Selected as the Hidden Champion (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
2012 – Nawoo Tech Co Ltd. Changed to Nawoo Ltd.
– Industry-Academic Cooperation (Broadcasting Highschool)
2011 – Established Radiation Technology Lab in Jeong Eup
– Reauthorization of INNO-BIZ
2010 – KIBO A+ Members (Technology Guarantee Fund)
– Gyeonggi-do Prominent Medium and Small Enterprise Win the prize of Nuclear Safety Division
– Female Friendly Enterprise (MOGEF, MOEL)
2009 – Member of Korean Radioisotope Association
– Seong- Nam Office Expansion
– Designated as a Promising Export Firm
2008 – Awarded Nuclear Energy Safety Day Minister of Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
– Certificate of CE (Except MT)
2007 – Research Cluster Member Approval (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
– Industry-Academic Cooperation&Family Company Agreement (Kyonggi Institute of Technology)
2006 – Gyeonggi Internet Trade Frontier Company Certificate (Gyeonggi Province)
– ISO 9001:2000
– ISO 14001:2004
2005 – Nawoo Annex Laboratory Foundation
– Certificate of INNO-BIZ
2004 – Move to Seong-Nam office
2001 – Business Registration Venture Company Certificate Acquirement
(Seoul Regional Office Small&Medium Business Administration)
– Excellent Technology Company Selection(The Technology Trust Guarantee Funds)
– Acquired Sales Permission of Radio Isotope
2000 – NDT Equipment Manufacture Business Registration
1999 – Nawoo Tech Ltd.Corporation Foundation
– Acquired Sales Permission of Radio Isotope
– Acquired Sales Permission of Radiation Generating Device
– Acquired Permission of Radio Isotope (by Ministry of Science and Technology)