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Message from the President

The positive principal for continuous growth.

NAWOO is pure Korean language, ‘little bit more, little bit better.’
It expresses management ideology as a meaning of
supplying better technology and sufficient.
With taking this management, we have been developing
our way for the continued growth and future.

Nawoo specialized in NDT equipment;
we make best effort for perfect technology and for human respect.
The passion and endless challenges for better technology
could lead to excellent technical skills and complete perfect products.

Our goal is the best products in the world
and we are still contemplating the needs of technology.
This result gives us new way and leads to new growth.

The past 15 years, we achieved a stable growth
and will promote to expand overseas business with wide-range
technical skills and know -how.

The passion and challenge for safe life
and the talented people who can’t stop thinking.
We hope to open the way for growth and possibility.

NAWOO Ltd. President Jun Hyuk Jyung