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UPR-101 Product Information Sheet


Two independent, full-featured data acquisition channels
100 MSPS on each channel
8 bit of 10 effective bits resolution
Card one-shot digitization modes:
 Normal: 16 mux chann. @ 8(10) bit/100MSPS
 Double Dynamic Range: 8 mux chann. @ 8×2 bit/100MSPS
 Double Sample Rate: 8 mux chann. @ 8(10)bit/200MSPS
Analog bandwidth 45MHz (standard) or 75 MHz (HF)
51 dB dynamically variable gain (TCG) with 0.2 dB step
77 dB SNR at 20 MHz bandwidth
6 fixed and 2 customizable filters
Dynamic data gating for limiting the recording to windows of interest
Up to 128 gates in each A/D channel with time event and signal amplitude measurements in each gate
Six types of gates time event tags: time of threshold, time of positive or negative peak, and time of zero cross after each
Internal or External Clock & Trigger
32 bit 33/66 MHz PCI Bus Interface
80MB/s dma Data Transfer Rate to PC Memory
Interface to remote pulser-preamplifiers
Up to 4 cards on one PCI bus in a Master/Slave mode – 64 channels configuration
Full backward compatibility with UPR-100


Ultrasonic non-destructive testing
Ultrasonic imaging
Time of Flight Measurement
The upr-101 is a next-generation, high-speed waveform capturing platform. It includes patented flexible signal gating, intended for streamlining high-volume data acquisition tasks. The board includes two A/D channels.
Cards can be cascaded to deal with a large number of data acquisition channels in three basic modes: Normal (16 mux channels), Double Dynamic Range (2 x 8 bit data) or Double Sampling Rate (one-shot 200 MSPS). Up to 4 cards can be installed in one PC comprising powerful 64 channel flaw detector. Each channel contains 8 filters and a dynamic gain control (TCG) with a programming step of 160 ns.
Data is available in gated RF form where only the “interesting” portions of the signals are recorded. Simultaneously, the peak amplitudes and time tags of gated events in the signal are evaluated and stored. These measurements serve to streamline real-time applications where “decisions” can be generated without requiring software analysis of the waveform itself.
Gated RF data is transferred via the PCI bus in the DMA transfer mode; gated measurements can also be transferred in Memory Map read commands.
Data transfer rates are only limited by the PCI bus; 70-80 Mb/s have been recorded in practical applications.
The upr-101 is equipped with three triggering modes: internal (free-running at specified frequency), external, or software trigger.
In all the triggering modes it is possible to initiate data acquisition in pre-trigger, normal, delayed trigger or threshold trigger storage. Gated threshold event triggers are provided for each gate to allow tracking of multiple signals in a single waveform.