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Nondestructive Testing?

Title Non Destructive Testing? 2017-09-05 13:00:37
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Non Destructive Testing

NDT inspection defects a tiny flaw from the testing material without destroying.
Through safety checking of nationalmain industries and quality control,

Nawoo contributes to industrial development and the safety of citizens.

The purpose of NDT

By applying appropriate purpose, strict quality control is possible and reliability

can be improved. According to the result of NDT inspection, the conditions of

production can be modified and complemented, the production technology

can be improved. The early detection and improvement of product defects

can save the material, cost and time.

NDT application

Ensuring safety-Industrial equipment, Infrastructure(nuclear power), Transport

machinery, Aero-space, Food management-Livestock quality

management, Agricultural quality management, Quality managment-Home

appliances, Automobile, Machine parts, Semiconductor medical diagnostics

NDT inspection type

RT-Radiographic Testing

UT-Ultrasonic Testing

MT-Magnetic Particle Testing

PT-Penetrant Testing

ECT-Eddy Current Testing

PMI-Positive Material Identification

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